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From lifestyle to music to pets. Our diverse range of channels has content suitable for everyone.


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Upbeat and happy tunes, ideal for weekend primetime listening. The best songs from the UK and US, with occasional surprising chart-toppers from elsewhere around the world.

Lightning International Media Limited is the Asia-Pacific based representative for programming, channels, and content of all types. Covering music, sports, documentaries, dramas, reality and entertainment content, and programme formats of all kinds, our portfolio is a stepping stone to the fastest-growing markets for content owners, producers and broadcasters. 

Distributing content across the globe.

Our strengths

As a stepping-stone, Lightning can work with you to identify strategies for expanding into the Asia-Pacific and integrate with the requirements of television, online, and mobile viewers in the region.

Lightning also offers Asia-based content owners, producers and broadcasters expert advice and guidance on increasing their footprint beyond the Asia-Pacific into popular North American and European markets.

Whether looking to tap into the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region or to extend your reach beyond, Lightning offers ideas, insights and strategies for businesses to grow their international reach.

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