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Over 20 years of content distribution experience

TV Programme Distribution in Asia is one of the core businesses of Lightning International. We can help you to expand the reach of your programmes, formats, or channels in Asia. As TV Programming Agents based in Asia, we have the experience of working from India to Singapore, Thailand to Australia, China to Indonesia.


With pay TV revenues in Asia continuing to grow healthily by around 10% a year*, and outstripping Europe and the U.S., we offer a stepping stone into what is undoubtedly the fastest growing market for content owners, producers and broadcasters.


The Lightning International team, have over 20 years of TV content distribution experience in Asia. We represent producers, channels, and other media businesses, from Europe and around the world. We advise on a whole range of Content & Media Solutions, and can develop your strategies for Asia.

 *According to data from Media Partners Asia


Who we represent


Lightning International is the Asia-Pacific representative for programming, channels, and content of all types. Our portfolio includes Music & Sports content (TRACE Urban, TRACE Sport Stars, Mezzo Live HD), documentaries (PulseTV), drama (RTHK), reality and entertainment content (The Group Entertainment, Strongman Champions League), plus programme formats of all kinds.

Asia-Pacific is our strength


Our strength lies in building and maintaining long-term TV and media businesses in the countries of the Asia- Pacific region - from India to Korea, from China to Australia, from the Philippines to Malaysia, and from Singapore to Hong Kong. 

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