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Learn from and discuss with like-minded people.


FORMATS ASIA brings together buyers and sellers to share best practices and discuss the challenges of programme formats.


As formats grow in importance and become an even more vital element contributing to the success of TV channels in Asia, FORMATS ASIA will deliver all the essential news and updates for the industry in Asia and provide a platform for industry stakeholders to connect with one another.

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Sci-fi festival MELON: SCI-FI AND BEYOND brings together the world’s most insightful and creative thought leaders to discuss the future of science fiction writing, filmmaking and gaming; the latest scientific research; innovative technology such as AI development, space exploration, entrepreneurship and more. The event will deliver thought-provoking sessions including keynotes, panel discussions, freestyle presentations, seminars and workshops, and not-to-be-missed networking events to meet with the speakers in person.

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The CHINA AND THE WORLD conference draws together broadcasters, content owners, production companies and advertisers to crack the code in what is fast becoming the world's most complex yet lucrative TV and online video market. In addition to traditional powers, online giants look to change the landscape and disrupt current models.

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